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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 26, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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hurricane-force winds along the coastline through central jersey and down through delaware and ocean city. that's where it's in pink. as you head further across the delmarva, we are basically looking at salisbury, cambridge, easton, denton, all the way up through centerville. this is queen ann' kent baltimore howard anne arundel and towards d.c. tropical storm watch, the further away the storm the wind will be lighter. we are talking about 110-mile- per-hour storm but that's right around the center. we are going to be a good distance away, and once you get about 70, will #-- 80 miles away you drop down to tropical force winds and that's what we are expecting. i believe in baltimore annapolis, winds from the bay and because there will be little protection right along the shoreline, we could have a steady 50, 6 0-mile-per-hour wind. most of us looking at a 50-mile- per-hour wind. that's enough to cause power outages. this morning, we are now look at -- we are not looking at
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major problems. we have ran across southern marveled and we will track the forecast -- maryland and we will track the forecast coming up. now the late he on traffic. >> reporter: we are -- latest on traffic. >> reporter: we are doing fine at tunnels and bridges and we have an accident in rosedale on pulaski highway. taking a look at the beltway a. few cars are out there at wilkins avenue on southwest side. no incidents to report, though. all your lanes are open. we are doing fine just north of here on the northwest side at old court road near 795. just a few cars out there right now. 759 is traveling fine southbound from reisterstown as well. charley. >> we have you covered on all fronts regarding hurricane irene. the mandatory evacuation out of ocean city and how they are preparing locally. live reports coming up in bit. but eyes remain on the storm as she continues to approach towards the u.s. six states in the u.s. are under a state of emergency in advantage of the storm. officials in many areas along the east coast ordered evacuations like ocean city.
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>> reporter: first hur can irene a -- hurricane irene battered the bahamas and now it could cause havoc along east coach the more than half a dozen -- coast. more than half a dozen states have declared states of emergencies. they are stretching 1,000 miles wide. it's expected to bring powerful winds, drenching rain and flooding. more than 65 million people are in irene's line of fire. >> i am always worried about storms if it's going through one of the most populated areas on the east coast. >> reporter: it will strike the north carolina coast pounding the outer banks. >> i hope people heed the warnings. i know it's hard for folks to have small businesses to leave, but everybody should take this very seriously. >> reporter: in kill devil hilling north carolina, residents boarded up the homes. >> our windows are rated for i think i want to say 130 miles an hour. i hope. and i hope that's true but only one way to test it and i don't want to fine out. >> reporter: businesses shut down only food dude's kitchen stayed open.
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>> we are trying to get rid as much food as we can. >> reporter: in atlantic beach the coast guard is batoning down the hatches. >> we have to shore up everything that's loose. people don't realize the strength of hurricane winds a light objectl becomes a missile. >> reporter: along the east coast from small beach towns to big cities, the message from government and emergency officials is the same. >> it's no excitement that's worth dying. >> reporter: forcasters say the center of the storm could cut straight through new york city. the big apple has seen five hurricanes since 1851. karen travers, abc news. maryland governor o'malley issued a state of machining for the area as -- emergency for the area. there's a mandatory evacuation for ocean city and we have been working for you since four yesterday afternoon keeping you ahead of the storm as irene approaches sherrie -- and sherrie johnson is live. >> reporter: many folks pent
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the day pack up and heading out of ocean city after the mandatory evacuation was announced. coastal highway was traffic jam as people made their way out of ocean city. emergency management ordered the eadvantage situation because they want -- evacuation because they want everybody out before hurricane irene moves in. big storms passed through the atlantic, be officials say -- but officials say this is different. irene is to come close enough to cause damage. many vacationers in ocean city are disappointed their trips were cut short. >> four hour drive with a 5- year-old to get here to turn around and go back for a night. we even going to see the beach? i don't know. >> we wanted to hang out and go to the beach. we are missing two days. >> reporter: now officials know some people will try to stay and ride the storm out. but they are hoping that most people will evacuate to try to keep them safe. but let's look at
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if you go to our home page and click on weather, and come to our weather paining, look at this -- panel, look at this we have a -- page, look at this we have a hurricane tracker. you can track the storm and it's path and see where it's headed. it's expected to affect 65 million people from north carolina all the way to boston. and you can see here that the map tracks all the potential place that is it could hit. also over here, we have hurricane headlines here. some top stories about the hurricane that could help you and your family. what impact could irene have on the bay. work out a plan before the hurricane hits. very good information. prepare your home for a hurricane. very good information for you and your family. and, of course, log onto and we have all your information on hurricane irene. reporting live in the interactive news center,er is ri -- sherrie johnson abc2 news. baltimore is hit hard
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around the fells point area. linda go ahead. >> reporter: hey, charley, the city has plenty of sand available. look at this. it's piled high. they were giving it out yesterday and it's available for anyone who wants it today. they have the sandbags here still, buckets if you need to fill it up. it's available here at corn he of -- corner of fames and broadway. people who lived in the area have known the area can be prone to flooding. fells point is usually hit pretty hard and that's why people were out filling up sandbags and getting the free sandbags from the city to protect their homes and businesses. even the mayor came out to help. those here during hurricane isabel remember how bad it is and they are not taking any chances. >> he lives in a basement apartment in calvert street and we are worried about the drainage and we are getting sandbags to keep the water out of his place. >> reporter: somethings you can do to get ready.
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make sure the storm drains around your house are clear to prevent flooding. secure loose items like the trash can and have a emergency kit ready at least a 3-day supply of watter's battery operated radioed and -- radio and a flashlight. if you live in a flood probed area be prepared to move your car if parking restrictions are put in placech the mayor ordered the city's operations emergency center to open at 7 this morning later at 11 she will announce what the city is doing to get ready. but, again, there's plenty of free sand available to anyone who may want it. the sandbags, buckets here you can come get it in fells point if you need it. live in fells point, linda so. get to work linda. governor o'malley declared a state of emergency for maryland. he activated the pg management center -- emergency management center. he says the storm should be taken seriously by all marylanders because it will
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bring heavy rains and high winds to most of the state. >> our pry nary concern right now -- primary concern right now is the protection of human life and making sure people get out of the way of the storm. so it's people in the low lying coastal areas, and flood plains and flood zones evacuation of ocean city, these are all things that we have been initiated to protect life. >> he stays the state will bring as many resources as necessary to help during the crisis. and beyond. bge says hundreds of linemen and power crews are getting ready for irene. crews will be positioned prior to the storm and acoo -- as soon as conditions are favorable they will get to work with the outages across maryland. this is presentation. crews are coming from all over the u.s. to help with the efforts. amtrak service south of d.c. is canceled through the weekend. the service northeast corridor between d.c., new york and boston unaffected. that includes is phs from baltimore penn station a
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spokesman says more service could be canceled as irene comes closer. there's a lot of numbers to keep on hand for the coming weekend. keep them by your side at all times. the best way to get ahead of the red cross is 800-448-4533. and for all other necessary phone numbers go to we will have you update on everything you need to know up- to-the minute for everythingto keep you safe and out of harm's way. he is out of prison and called his family. time for maryland journalist trapped in libya to come home right? not yet. he is staying in libya for a little while longer. and how keeping your kids clean can go a long way towards keeping them especially healthy. we will explain when "good morning maryland" continues on this friday morning. news time is 5:09 and we are back in a bit.
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top stories this morning. former baltimore orioles
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pitcher mike flanagan took his life and he was upset over financial matters. police found his body 200 feet from his home. he was 59 years old. after breaking out solitariy confinement in a libyan prison, matthew vandyke has no plans to come back to maryland. he says he wants to stay in the country until moammar qadaffi is gone. he is working on a book about the uprising in libya. hur can irene pounded the about a -- hurricane irene pounded the bahamas. officials say 90% of the homes and two settlements were flattened. the storm is on path towards the u.s. and forecasters at the national hurricane center issued a hurricane watch for parts of north carolina. mandatory evacuations have been ordered for all visitors on north carolina's outer banks also justin, wove a mandatory evac -- we have a mandatory evacuation for ocean citych that's where you are headed into the storm. >> i know. -- city. that's where you are headed into the storm. >> i know. it's a big story we have to report. hurricane watch i want to point
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out ocean city is expecting the hurricane-force winds new england and long island and it will weaken as it goes north. most of us tropical force storm wind. once we get within 36 hours this afternoon through tonight, we will put the warning in effect. and the conditions will deteriorate. it's going to be saturday night and all day sunday especially in the morning when we will wake up with the stuff. generally baltimore, annapolis, we are looking at 50-mile-per- hour sustained wind with higher gust as the storm goes through. not much wind this morning. west ocean city at 73. towson 68. a very muggy start. some storms to the south and southern maryland could get clipped with rain. currently, 60, 70 the official temperature in baltimore and humid afternoon aiming for 87. tanya. >> reporter: i am so glad we have one accident in the county still at pulaski highway at rosedale avenue. that accident is in the cleanup stages. so hopefully it won't be there too much longer. northwest side at 695 at liberty road.
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traffic is building in both directions. southbound traffic making your way from millford mill to the outer loop is the oncoming traffic. this is 695 at harford road on the northwest side. no problems to report. as you make your way from parkville to towson. health new this morning. keeping a child's hands clean may do more than just keep him clean. it may help keep him in school. danish researchers looked at two groups of students age 5 to 15. those who regularly clean their hands had a 26% fewer number of missed days and a 22% fewer number of illness periods than those who had those grubby little germ filled hands. hur can irene is -- hurricane irene is taking its toll and we are seeing the effects along the east coast where we are seeing beach erosion. we will showy where the image are from. a deer on the loose in an emergency room. we have the video trough prove it. time for -- prove it. happy birthday to jack who
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turns 3 on saturday. it's a memorable one for you. happy birthday to rich his dad is celebrating his birthday on sunday. your family loves you and think you are both amazing. you guys will have one great birthday with irene. send your photos and birthdays and anniversaries and picks of the storm keep -- pix of the storm. we -- pics of the storm. morning show at and don't put yourself in harm's way when taking pictures. back in a bit.
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in florida they are feeling the effects of irene of the strong waves and currents have kept lifeguards busy. two swimmers needed help getting back to shore after being caught in a rip current. theyth baby turtles were brought to an animal reserve until the waves called down. parts of the beaches were shut down because of the high surf. >> i never seen it like this before. it used to be very calm. but now it's very heavy. >> the beaches eroded nearly 3
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feet in two days from the high waves we can expect similar scenes along the east coast as the storm continues to move north justin. charley, we are looking at it the latest updates from the national hurricane center and it appears as if the storm is weakening. i know this maybe the point in time where there's fluctuation and you may say here we go. it was all hype and now this is going to be a bad storm. no doubt about that. but the 5:00 advicery has 110- mile-per-hour sustained wind. it has gone through fluctuation. the prbure dropped overnight -- pressure dropped overnight and the eye organized. but wind down to 110. we are borderline category 2 or 3. an impressive storm. a tremendous wind field. 2509 miles away from the center or -- 290 miles away from the center. it is buffeting the north carolina coastline. near ocean city we will be in the zone. bringing it in closer. i want to highlight this morning we are watching a
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little disturbance often well ahead of a tropical feature. tropical storm or hurricane. there will be bands of showers that develop. this is the trail end of our frontal boundary and right along there, we have got some rain just through southern maryland that's going to push through the chesapeake. and looks like we may very well have showers and storms push in our direction today and this is just you know laying down the carpet if you will for this storm to roll out. check out hurricane models and they are shifting back east of ocean city. the location may be the climatology that shows that the storms want to push further east once they head into the latitude. check out the future radar. there's the heavy rain bands. and i think we will be in for some of those today across the metro area. a heavy tropical like downpourch storm rolls through the heaviest rain saturday evening through sunday morning. and just want to plot this for you. we are looking at category one storm now i think a high one
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90, 95-mile-per-hour sustained winds and winds coming down the chesapeake bay but about 8 inches of rain on average near baltimore. tanya. >> reporter: the good news is mta says bus and rail service is on time. so you are doing okay so far no issues to report. traveling 70 eastbound from columbia pike no incidents in your way. let's look at the beltway the northwest side at liberty road. no incidents to report. most of our traffic as usual is on the outer loop heading southbound to the left of the screen. 95 at 395, i know it's hard to see with the nighttime camera shots, we have some headlights but no breaks. that's a good sign as traffic is building in both directions. 395 is fine coming into downtown. charley. look at this. medical isn'ter in washington got a big -- center in washington got a big surprise from a visitor. that's a deer -- that's bambi. that's not a full-sizeed deer. it walked through the automatic doors and went into a patient waiting room. the staff corraled the little guy and he walked out and left
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as peacefully he's walked in. 5:22. the east coast braces for irene. airports are scrambling, too. what national carriers are doing to get people out of harm's way and to their destination. the perfect date. no effort. think about that one. too good to be true? not in the nation's capital thanks to a new website. we will explain when we continue at 5:23. we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:27. hurricane irene heads to the east coast it could impact the business iest airspace in the u.s. putting flights on alert for cancellation. new york city, d.c., philidelphia and boston are home to a combined 7 major airports. airlines are waiving fees and changing flights all in an effort to get passengers to their destination before the storm hits. delays and cancellations to the north east could affect the u.s. air traffic system. a bit of change of pace now a website aims to help you plan for the perfect date with no
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effort. don't make plans for dates this weekend. it's called date night. right now it's only available in d.c. couples from the site give preference for food and activities and every monday, three preplanned weekend nights will arrive in your inbox the perfect date. you don't get discounts but it's convenient and guys you look like a genius when you agree for the date they bite tickets and make reservations. they want to expand to other cities and it could be coming to a city near you. it started yesterday afternoon and will likely continue into the weekend. heading to ocean city for a mass exodus mandatory evacuations from the hot vacation spot. and how the evac wagess have -- evac weighings are cause -- evacuations are causing problems for students heading to college. we will have more when "good morning maryland returns. now up to new york for a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites apple after steve jobs. the new ceo wasted no time
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reassuring employos apple will not change tim cook. michael speaks to abc news via skype agrees they will do well without the guiding force. >> consumers are not buying products because of speed. they never heard speed they are buying it because they are good products and they meet their needs. >> reporter: steve jobs is not completely gone. it's expected he will continue to weigh in on decision and make suggestion as one analysts says he will be the chief visionary. and another tech giant facebook passed a milestone. google says the social network had a trillion views in june and 870 million unique visitors. facebook reached at least 47% of all web surfers and those are the people google can track. real numbers are likely to be even higher. and those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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